Head into Autumn hair trends Dream Girl

22 Jan

It seems almost criminal to be thinking about upcoming hair trends when we’re in the middle of a summer heatwave, but planning ahead is essential to stay on point and ahead of the curve here At Dream Girl. Without further ado, we present our top autumn and winter hairstyles plus recommendations.

Look 1: Messy Bun

messy bunThe word ‘messy bun’ is music to our ears – and luckily they aren’t fading away in the coming months! The only difference to this messy bun is that it’s slightly more luxurious; style it and then accessorise however you like – the key is to keep the crown smooth and the bun as flyaway as you like! For this look we recommend Dream Girl Euro Weft hair extensions as they’re natural, soft and perfect for styling! Simply glue them in at your roots, style accordingly, and accessorise – it couldn’t be easier! Get the look here: https://www.justrightbeauty.com/hair-extensions/#/specFilters=1m!#-!39


Look 2: Free-flowing Hair

straightNothing says ‘look at me’ like hair with great movement. This look consists of a simple centre parting and super smooth hair tucked behind your ears – in our opinion, the easier a look is to do, the better!  Since this look requires a more minimalist, natural approach, we recommend Dream Girl Remi Silky hair extensions as they’re designed to remain tangle-free for as long as possible, and look as natural as hair extensions can get. To get the look and add volume and length to your hair, simply glue these extensions in at the roots and style accordingly! Get the look here: https://www.justrightbeauty.com/hair-extensions/#/specFilters=1m!#-!39




waveyLook 3: Smooth Waves

Here at Dream Girl, we like low maintenance looks – and sleek waves are definitely among those! All it requires is some low-level curling and a quick brush through and off you go – but you can go the extra mile with Dream Girl, naturally! For this look we recommend Dream Girl Body Waves hair extensions for a more pronounced wave that you can brush out or exaggerate depending on your mood – simply glue the extensions in at your roots and style as you like! Get the look here: https://www.justrightbeauty.com/hair-extensions/#/specFilters=1m!#-!1


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