vick hope

Strictly Style.

18 Jan

Grab your sparkiest outfit and dig out those tap shoes as the full Strictly line up has just been announced!

Of course we’re can’t wait to watch everyone strut their stuff on the dance floor but what we’re really looking forward to is the fabulous HAIR!

We’re also proud to have had contestants of strictly wear our Dream Girl Hair on seasons!

Strictly is known for it’s full on glamour makeovers so let’s hope the 2018 series doesn’t disappoint. We’ve picked out our ‘ones to watch’ in the style stakes!

Capital FM DJ, Vick Hope

Vick Hope

(Image: Getty Images)

Vick Hope has a gorgeous mane of Afro curls, perfect for whirling around the dance floor! Best known for presenting the Capital Radio Breakfast show with Roman Kemp, Vick’s electric personality will most certainly match her beautiful Afro curls!

Get the look:

Former Steps Member, Faye Tozer


(Image: Entertainment Focus)

90’s pop star Faye Tozer has rocked numerous great colours and hairstyles over the years, from Blonde dreadlocks to soft curly bob, Faye has never shied away from experimenting with her locks, so why should her Strictly hair be any different?!

Get Faye’s current look

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