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We know that sometimes everyone needs a little help with choosing the right type of product.

100% human hair or synthetic?

Buying Guide

Dream Girl® 100% human hair extensions and Dream Girl® synthetic hair extensions can be washed and brushed when properly maintained, however there are distinct differences between the two types of hair extensions and we always advise to strictly adhere to the instructions provided with the hair:

The primordial advantage of real human hair is that looking after it can be much more straightforward. On the whole – and with the use of an approved aftercare regime - You can treat it as your own hair and it looks and feels as natural. When applied by professionals even a well trained eye cannot tell you are wearing them. If left to dry naturally they dry with the same natural kink/wave that most people's hair dries with, meaning it blends easily without even the need for styling. Another major advantage is that there is no restriction with styling. You can use brush them and change your look anytime you like. For these reasons the celebrities usually opt for the Dream Girl® 100% human hair.

Synthetic hair is available in a range of different fibres and a massive range of styles. They are a much cheaper option and can feel and look just as sensuous as real natural hair. Other advantages of the synthetic hair is that it always holds a style incredibly well, for example, if you want to wear it totally straight and have it stay that way, even in the rain, synthetic hair is possibly a better option. Extra volume per connection is another advantage than with real hair, which is useful when having extensions applied for thickness.

Having understood the advantages and cons of each type will help you make an informed decision about which option is best for you. AS always, with Dream Girl the choice is yours….


Washing instructions:
Detangle hair from ends to roots before washing.
Carefully wash with lukewarm water, using the Dream Girl® Shampoo. Do not rub or twist the hair.
After shampooing use the Dream Girl® Conditioner to bring shine and lustre.
Once shampooed and conditioned, gently squeeze out excess water and dry hair with towel. Once again avoid rubbing and twisting the hair using a towel. The use of anything other than Dream Girl® approved maintenance products will void the warranty.

Brush your hair extensions daily using a wide toothed comb.
Don’t use a ball tip or hard plastic bristle brush, avoiding these to pull or stretch your extensions.
When combing your hair work your way from the ends to the roots, while holding your extensions at the roots to prevent pulling.

When using a blow dryer it is best to use the cool setting and avoid pulling your extensions with the brush when they are warm.

Styling Products
We recommend the use of maintenance and styling products, specially designed for hair extensions. Do not apply any oils, serums or waxes to the extensions. Colouring We do not recommend dying hair extensions. We have a wide range of colours, which certainly will match your original hair colour.