Hair Raising Looks for Halloween

04 Jan

For those of you who are still scrambling for Halloween hair ideas this year, we’ve compiled some more of our favourite hair ideas! Look spooktacular with our handpicked hairstyles—and be the centre of attention this Halloween!

Look #1 – Unicorn Hair

Who doesn’t want to look like a mythical creature this Halloween? For this gorgeous look we recommend our Dream Girl Remi Silky hair extensions for added volume and length. To replicate this look, glue the extensions to your roots and comb through, then section the front of your hair into a ponytail and start to backcomb to create the horn shape! Get the look here - http://www.justrightbeauty.com/hair-extensions/#/specFilters=1m!#-!114


Look #2 – Scorpion Hair

For those of you that prefer your hair to be spookier, we’ve found this gorgeous scorpion-inspired hair! For this look, we recommend our Dream Girl Euro Weft hair extensions for added volume and length, plus they’re so easy to style! To recreate this look, glue the hair extensions into your roots and brush through, then section your hair and braid accordingly. For the main braid, insert a pipe cleaner into it and then style it over your head for the ultimate scorpion look! Get the look here - http://www.justrightbeauty.com/hair-extensions/#/specFilters=1m!#-!655


Look #3 – Halloween Mermaid

This look is so easy to create and looks effortless—all you need is plenty of length to create a side braid! For this look, we recommend our Dream Girl Clip'N Go® hair extensions for quick and easy length and volume; simply clip them into your roots and start to braid! The ultimate mermaid look is a quick, easy side braid – don’t worry about braiding it too tightly! Get the look here - http://www.justrightbeauty.com/hair-extensions/#/specFilters=1m!#-!124 

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